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Create a warm and peaceful place with secondary glazing
JMP WINDOW SYSTEMS WORK WITH ONE OF the largest manufacturer and supplier of bespoke aluminium secondary glazing. Through our extensive homeowner and trade installation network we supply the entire United Kingdom.

Secondary glazing is the process through which a discreet, internal window is fitted to an existing single, double or triple glazed window. Benefits include; increase in acoustic insulation, a substantial reduction in heat loss and increased levels of security.

Secondary Glazing is seen as a desirable alternative to double and triple glazing, especially for heritage properties. It allows you to maintain the external character of your property while taking advantage of increased thermal and acoustic insulation.

Why choose JMP Window Systems Ltd Secondary Glazing?

When you take advantage of secondary double glazing, you enjoy all the benefits that come with an extra layer of insulation over your windows. This cuts down on heat transfer, which means that your home stays warmer in the winter and cooler in the summer. But it also insulates against sound and enhances the security of your property.

JMP’s bespoke secondary glazing is made to measure, with options to accommodate all window styles and property types. Manufactured from durable aluminium and available in over 200 RAL colours, our secondary glazing has a five-year warranty on frames and glazing and a two-year warranty on moving parts.

With a comprehensive range of designs, finishes, accessories and glass to choose from, we can provide a perfect solution for any type of property. JMP’s secondary glazing will create a peaceful, warm and secure home.

10 Year Secondary Glazing Guarantee
JMP WINDOW SYSTEMS secondary glazing products are backed up with a 10-year warranty on frames and glazing and a two-year warranty on moving parts.

Secondary Glazing Benefits

Secondary Glazing Styles

80% SOund insulation
Significantly outperforming double and triple glazing, well-fitted secondary glazing offers the most effective noise insulation. From noisy roads to noisy kids, our internal windows can reduce noise levels by up to 54dB.

Secondary Glazing continues to grow in popularity, in no small part thanks to its unique soundproofing capabilities. The key to minimising noise levels is to install an extra barrier that sound waves find it difficult to pass through .

To achieve optimum acoustic performance, we advise that the secondary glazed window is installed with an air cavity of 150mm – 200mm from the primary window. Blinds and ornaments can still be displayed on the windowsill as JMP’s secondary glazing is slimline and discreet.

Just 64dB of noise can be problematic, whilst levels between 70-125dB can be painful, disrupt sleep patterns and increase levels of stress, a passing diesel bus may reach up to 85 dB.

Sound can penetrate the smallest of holes, JMP’s secondary glazing is manufactured on state of the art CNC machinery, and this ensures a tightly sealed frame. This teamed with correctly specified acoustic glass and a high-quality installation will significantly reduce the volume from external sources, eliminating it or reducing it to a whisper

Special laminated acoustic glass is used to maximise the noise reduction from all types of obtrusive noise. JMP has cured noise problems for 1000’s of homeowners covering all of the UK.

Working with our trade partners, we can guarantee the highest levels of product quality, a discreet installation and exceptional customer service.

65% thermal insulation
The installation of secondary glazing acts as an insulating barrier, with the correct glass and air cavity, the results will create a warm and secure home often reducing heat loss by as much as 65 perfect.

Warmth is a valuable commodity and creating a second barrier to the elements is an ideal way to reduce wasteful thermal heat loss. In fact, there are few better ways. A large proportion of heat is lost through your existing windows. Installing secondary glazing will ad an extra barrier to prevent heat from escaping.

JMP’s secondary glazing is supplied with an FSC approved timber subframe. This timber subframe acts as a thermal barrier preventing cold transference, this can reduce levels of existing condensation and increase thermal insulation.

To offer optimum thermal insulation we recommend that secondary glazing is fitted with an 80mm air cavity, low-E glass is often the best choice as it reflects heat back into the room. It has been designed and engineered to provide:

  • The very best thermal insulation
  • Maximum energy conservation
  • An extremely discreet installation
  • An environmentally friendly solution
  • An affordable investment with quick returns

Whether it’s for the added security, noise reduction or energy efficiency, our secondary glazing is backed up by an industry-leading five-year warranty on frames and glazing and a two-year warranty on moving parts.

Ensuring total quality, our products are manufactured in house at our 50,000 square feet manufacturing facility. With an on-site powder coating and arching facility, we can customise our windows to match the look, style and function that you require.

We have partnered with over 1000 local trade installers that cover the whole of the UK. Our network of trade partners install on our behalf and offer the very best thermal and acoustic installation.

JMP’s products not only provide excellent thermal and noise insulation, our choice of finishes and styles have a discreet, unobtrusive finish that is sympathetic to the surroundings and most existing window styles.

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