Timber Windows

Our timber windows are tailor made by experienced craftsmen in either kiln dried softwoods or hardwood to ensure years of trouble free pleasure. Working from Chester, Cheshire, We source our windows based on a high quality, high security, yet affordable design. The beauty of timber is unsurpassable and if looked after will last for many generations.

PVCu Windows

Our range of PVCu windows is one of the most comprehensive that you are likely to find. Based in Chester, Cheshire, we use a wide variety of manufacturers to suit all needs, working mainly with the highest quality units from John Fredericks. All are tailor made by an experienced and highly trained manufacturing team using up to date precision CNC fabrication machinery, ensuring that our PVCu windows will give you years of trouble free pleasure. The result is a high quality range of double glazing or secondary glazing windows that provides long term satisfaction.

All our windows are made to measure and therefore can be adapted to become more than just a plug for the hole in the wall – they become an entire architectural feature, pleasing to the eye both internally and externally. 

We also offer a range of PVC products which are of a slightly lower specification than John Fredericks, which offer greater cost effectiveness when renovating on a budget.

Posted On 11 Jul , 2018

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