Box Sash

Box Sash

Box sash windows are sometimes also called “Hung Sash” windows or “Sash and Case” windows. All of these names essentially refer to the same thing, i.e. a window with one or more sliding panels or “sashes” which each hold a pane of glass.

Typically each frame contains two sashes which both slide vertically so that you can have an opening at the top or bottom of the frame, or both if desired, this is actually one of the most effective ways of ventilating a room since the top opening allows warm air to escape, and the bottom opening allows cooler air to be drawn in from outside, creating an efficient airflow current.

Sash windows for period properties must be chosen carefully to ensure you get the right period, as there were several developments and style changes in sash windows over the years.

Sash windows are an inherent part of British architectural history: they were introduced to England in the late 17th century and remained a sought-after fashion item for over two centuries.

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Posted On 27 Oct , 2018

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