Frameless Glass Balustrades

Minimalist style, maximum impact

Enjoy uninterrupted views with this minimalist all-glass solution.

uninterrupted views
Glass Balustrade

Frameless glass balustrades for balconies, a decking area or mezzanine create an almost invisible barrier between the viewer and the view.

They are expertly crafted to turn functional safety into notable design. The glass systems allow light to flow freely and offer illusions of spaciousness. Simple to install and easy to maintain, they can truly transform any interior or exterior project. The minimalistic design of the Frameless Glass Balustrade System allows you to enjoy the view in all its glory.

Relying on the strength of the glass that is secured to a sturdy base rail, without any vertical supports or even a handrail, our frameless glass balustrades use thicker and heavier super-strong laminated and toughened safety glass. They give a considerable aesthetic benefit of virtually limitless expanses of pure uninterrupted glass without supports, clamps or corner posts – or even the line of a handrail.

Looking outwards, this means views as uninterrupted as views are likely to get until someone invents the invisible force field. And, within, it means more light, more sense of space and a feature that will blend with virtually any architectural or decorative style or design.

Glass is a material that will last for all intents and purposes almost forever. The safety glass of our frameless glass balustrades includes two panels that are both toughened and bonded together by a plastic safety interlayer. The reason this interlayer is used is so that if one of the glasses should break the other will remain in position. This is a relatively new addition to BS 6180, added in 2011, which allows the omission of a handrail in these cases.

As a recommended but optional extra, you can choose to have the self-cleaning coating applied to the glass. The added benefit of this is that you don’t have to clean it very often either – and when you do the job is an easy one.


Frameless glass balustrades have developed quite a lot in recent years and it is fair to say that they add an extra dimension inside and outside of the home. This type of glass balustrade has no visible joints or partitions, which can add a dramatic effect to patio doors, stairways and around the home. It is certainly a striking addition to a piece of property but it may not be for everyone. The frameless glass balustrade will be a design feature that delights many people but it has to be said, it may put many people off as well.


The pictures here of some of our projects using these top-of-the-range glass balustrades tell the story better than any superlatives or poetry could hope to do.


Posted On 09 Feb , 2019

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